Svenja Niederfranke

European Policy Centre (EPC)

Common European Asylum System

Svenja Niederfranke


Main research interests

  • Common European Asylum System
  • Return and readmission
  • International Migration Law

Svenja Niederfranke worked as Programme Assistant for the Migration and Diversity Programme. Her main interests include questions related to human rights at borders, return & readmission, and the role of courts and human rights bodies.

Before joining the EPC in May 2021, she worked for the International Migration Law Unit at the IOM in Geneva where she focussed on questions related to the principle of non-refoulement and economic, social, and cultural rights of migrants. She has also worked for the GIZ representation in Brussels where she followed the reform process of the Common European Asylum System.

Svenja Niederfranke holds a LLM in Human Rights from the University of Edinburgh, focussing on International Migration Law, and a BA in International Relations from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands.

In MEDAM, Svenja Niederfranke contributed to the EPC team’s work in providing policy analysis and research output.