IT tools and methods for managing migration FLOWS (ITFLOWS)

The purpose of the Horizon 2020 project ITFLOWS is to provide accurate migration predictions, to equip practitioners and policy makers in migration management with adequate prediction methods, and to propose solutions for reducing potential conflict between migrants and EU citizens, by taking into account a wide range of human factors and using multiple sources of information.

Start of Project 09/2020

The expected migration along different migration corridors is an important planning parameter for the European Union and its member states. Good predictions of migration figures can be used, for example, in the context of asylum and flight, to improve the accommodation and care of refugees and not to overburden individual member states at the EU borders. In the ITFLOWS project, accurate forecasts are produced through the development of forecasting models and the use of various information and data sources, and made available to relevant user groups. Research is also being conducted on the economic and social integration conditions and the impact on citizens' attitudes, so that negative developments can be anticipated and monitored.

Tobias Heidland heads the Kiel Institute's work contributions within the framework of the project. The institute is one of 14 partners participating in the three-year ITFLOWS project under the leadership of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.