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The MEDAM project is led by the Kiel Institute for World Economy.The Kiel Institute for the World Economy is located in Kiel, Germany.
It has a large team of experts who study trade and the economy:
- how many goods and services businesses sell to other countries;
- what goods and services they sell to other countries; and
- which countries do business with each other.

The aim of the project is
to better understand migration.If people migrate, they leave their home country
to live or find work elsewhere.

Our experts carry out researchResearch means studying something.
or trying to discover facts about it.
For example, research on migration may investigate
- how many people live in a country;
- how many of them go to another country; or
- why they go to other countries.
on three main topics:

  • governmentThe government of a country is the group of people
    officially in charge of managing it.
    policiesA policy is a set of ideas or plans for action used in making decisions. on asylumAsylum is a Greek word.
    In English asylum means a place of refuge.
    If a government gives someone from another country
    asylum, that person is allowed to stay.
    Asylum is usually given because the person
    is unable to return home safely for political reasons.
    Their country may be at war,
    or they could go to prison for saying what they think.
    In Europe, the right to be given asylum is part of
    the Geneva Convention on Refugees.
    and protecting refugees;Refugees are people who have been forced
    to leave their home or country for political reasons.
    They may forced out by war, for example,
    or because of their political or religious beliefs.
    A refugee seeks protection elsewhere.
  • the integrationIntegrating means acting in a way to become
    part of a country and being accepted by it.
    Migrants should have the same rights
    and opportunities as everyone else there.
    They also have duties to comply with the law.
    of migrants into society and the labor market;
  • the impact of migration on the countries migrants come from.

We seek to gather information that is useful
for making policy decisions in Europe.The continent of Europe is made up of about 50 countries.
More than 700 million Europeans live on the continent.  
Over 70 different languages are spoken.

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