MEDAM at the WIDER Development Conference


On October 5-6, MEDAM researchers Mauro Lanati and Tobias Stöhr took part in the “WIDER Development Conference on migration and mobility” in Accra, Ghana. The multidisciplinary conference was jointly organized by UNU-WIDER and the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA). It had the dual aim of providing a platform to discuss the latest research on migration and development while providing capacity-building and networking opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hillel Rapoport gave an excellent keynote address on the often forgotten effects of diasporas in linking countries and creating dynamism in countries of origin. By increasing innovation and trade this can improve economic outcomes and thus facilitate development. Migrants also bring change in terms of culture and values, which affects diverse aspects of life from political attitudes to fertility.

MEDAM researcher Mauro Lanati presented a paper investigating the impact of foreign aid on migration. They find evidence of a negative relationship between aid and emigration rates. Tobias Stöhr gave a talk on a paper that uses metadata from online searches on Google to improve predictions of international migration flows.

The conference program, papers, slides, and posters can be accessed here.

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