Afghanistan revisited—Part II


In this podcast, MEDAM researchers Silvia Carta and Helena Hahn as well as other experts explore the situation in Afghanistan following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. How are Afghans faring—within the country as well as in neighboring countries.

Rebecca Castermans

Four months after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the spotlights have dimmed. But as winter sets in and the new regime tightens its grip, what is the state of the country, its people, and the Afghans that have fled and are still looking for safety? In the second part of a two-part episode, we discuss the EU’s tense, knee-jerk response to the crisis back in August and September, and what it has revealed about the EU’s current view and approach to migration policy.

With Jean-Louis De Brouwer, the Director of the European Affairs Program at the Egmont Institute; Silvia Carta, Policy Analyst in the European Migration and Diversity programme at the European Policy Centre; and Helena Hahn, junior policy analyst in the European Migration and Diversity programme at the EPC.

Listen to the podcast's first part "Afghanistan revisited—Part I" here.


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