Tobias Heidland

Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Attitudes toward Migration, Emerging Markets & Developing Countries

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Main research interests

  • Attitudes to migration and their implications
  • Social and economic effects of emigration on the left behind
  • Migrants and the labor market
  • Labor market integration of refugees in Germany
  • Foreign exchange interventions

Tobias Heidland (né Stöhr) is Professor of Economics at Kiel University and heads the research center "International Development" at the Kiel Institute. He studied economics and development economics at the universities of Mannheim and Nottingham and holds a doctorate in Quantitative Economics from Kiel University. After that he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at DIW Berlin and as a Senior Researcher at the Kiel Institute.

His research focuses on international aspects of economic development with a particular focus on migration and capital flows.

In his research on the movement of people, his main interests are migration decisions and attitudes towards migration. Currently, he coordinates MEDAM research on the driving forces of migration in African countries of origin and transit. To this end, extensive survey data is collected and evaluated. Also, Tobias is the local principal investigator of the H2020 project ITFLOWS. In addition to predicting migration, he works on the integration conditions for migrants in the EU Member States within this framework.

His second research focus are foreign exchange interventions by central banks.