Leonie Jegen


Migration Governance, Africa


Main research interests

  • Critical border studies
  • African borderland research
  • Critical security studies

Leonie Jegen's research interests are in critical border studies, African borderland research and critical security studies. Her work has been published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, UNU-Cris and MEDAM Policy Briefs as well as MEDAM Reports. Leonie has in the past years worked on different academic research projects on migration governance in West Africa. She has conducted field research in Senegal, Ghana and Niger. Within the MEDAM Project she conducted two country studies (Niger and Senegal) in the framework of the MEDAM's sub-project: The Political Economy of West African Migration Governance.


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    From a 🇪🇺 perspective, such support mustn't even be altruistically motivated.

    Providing refugees real long-term prospects within the region can serve as a sustainable alternative for those who consider costly & dangerous onward-migration to more attractive destination countries.

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    🇺🇬 is one of the youngest countries worldwide—w/ an enormously growing young working-age population. These young people will need jobs.

    One could expect ppl. who struggle economically to have more negative attitudes toward refugees & other immigrants due to competition.