Olivia Sundberg Diez

European Policy Centre (EPC)

Common European Asylum System, European Union, Migration Governance


Main research interests

  • Return and Readmission
  • External dimension of EU migration policy
  • Integration
  • Common European Asylum System

Olivia Sundberg Diez worked as a Policy Analyst for the EPC's European Migration and Diversity Programme. Her work has primarily focused on the human rights implications of EU policy concerning irregular migration, particularly return and readmission practices.

She graduated summa cum laude with an MA in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po (Paris), specializing in European studies and migration. Olivia Sundberg Diez also holds a first class BA in Philosophy from University College London. She has previously worked as a Programme Director at the educational charity Debate Mate, at a range of UK think tanks including Reform and the Centre for Social Justice, as a consultant for the European Council on Foreign Relations, and as a communication and public speaking coach across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

In MEDAM, Olivia Sundberg Diez provided policy analysis put into context through her expertise on the EU processes and institutions. She cooperated closely with researchers from the Kiel Institute and the MPC to jointly analyze policy developments and political preferences, co-authored policy-oriented publications, and engaged in forward-looking conversations with stakeholders.