Policy Dialogue

MEDAM is at the interface between academic research and policy making. Both, rigorous research and a regular dialogue with decision makers at national and European levels through a variety of formats are central elements of the project.

We will engage directly with policy makers and civil society, as well as disseminating our findings and research-based policy recommendations through our flagship output, the annual MEDAM Assessment Report, policy briefs and research papers.

Furthermore, we will share policy-relevant insights at major conferences like the Global Solutions Summit. In Brussels and Berlin, we also host a series of closed-door meetings to involve administrators, policy makers, and researchers in developing implementable proposals for asylum and migration policy reforms.

With the Kiel Institute as co-chair of the T20 (G20 country think tanks) Task Force on Forced Migration (TFFM), MEDAM researchers also advised the Germany’s G20 presidency in 2017. The T20 process has continued to bring international think tanks together to develop research-based policy proposals under the Argentinean G20 presidency and continues its work for the Saudi-Arabian G20 presidency.

Another global initiative in which we participated was the preparatory process for the United Nations’ Global Compact for Migration.