Global Solutions Summit 2022

28 - 29 Mar 2022

The Global Solutions Summit—the World Policy Forum—is an international conference aimed at addressing key policy challenges facing the G20 and G7.

10178 Berlin
ESMT Berlin, Schlossplatz 1
Invitation only

This year’s Global Solutions Summit is a hybrid event with virtual and in-person participation taking place in Berlin and online on March 28th-29th, 2022. The theme of the GSS 2022 is "Listen to the world: Promoting social well-being within planetary boundaries". 

The Global Solutions Summit covers the priorities of the G20 and G7. It aims to be a steppingstone to the G/T20 and G/T7 Summits, a place where Think20 and Think7 Task Forces can discuss their work with regard to their policy briefs and where multistakeholder decision-makers can discuss collective approaches to G20 and G7 problems. 

MEDAM organizes one of the summit's sessions, curated by Claas Schneiderheinze.

Forced to take chancesHow can climate-induced mobility become a driver of sustainable development?

Tuesday, 29 March, from 15:00-15:50 CEST

In the upcoming decades, climate change could force more than 200 million people to leave their home regions (Groundswell Report, 2021), especially on the African continent. Even though coordinated political action can still reduce this number substantially, climate change impacts will inevitably provoke a never before seen level of population redistribution in many developing countries. Forced migration is a tragedy for affected families and puts local systems under significant pressure. Local labor markets, infrastructure and institutions are often ill-equipped to meet these challenges, putting at risk the livelihoods of residents and newcomers alike. Unemployment, poverty, increasing inequality, food security threats and conflicts can be the consequence. Yet, in the right circumstances internal mobility also can be a powerful driver of economic development. Higher labor mobility, urbanization and the transformation of the economy, from agriculture towards manufacturing and services, are well-known to be fundamentals of inclusive, sustainable development. Increasing rural-urban migration provides opportunities to capitalize agglomeration effects, develop economics of scale and contribute to sustainable economic transformations for inclusive growth.

In this session we discuss threats and opportunities for sustainable development that result from climate-induced mobility. Considering diverse circumstances across countries, we propose concrete policies and measures that the international community should pursue to maximize long-term economic benefits and mitigate adverse consequences.


  • Kanta Kumari Rigaud (Lead Environment Specialist, World Bank)
  • Douglas Gollin (Professor of Development Economics, Oxford University)
  • Andrew Harper (Special Advisor for Climate Action, UNHCR)
  • Wanjira Mathai (Vice President and Regional Director for Africa, World Resources Institute), tbc


  • Christine Mhundwa (Anchor and Europe Correspondent for Germany’s Deutsche Welle)

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