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Refugees, immigration from third countries in general, and the cooperation between the EU and its member states with third country governments will remain dominant issues in Europe for many years to come. How these challenges are addressed impacts Europe’s cohesion and capacity to act. The Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration (MEDAM) addresses the most relevant research questions and pressing concerns of policy makers.

Through MEDAM, we develop solutions for asylum and immigration policies in the EU and its member states that

  • allow the EU to meet its humanitarian obligations towards refugees;
  • harness immigration from third countries for growth and development in countries of origin and destination;
  • recognize the role of labor migration in promoting integration with EU accession and neighborhood countries;
  • address the migration implications for Europe of population growth and demographic change in Africa and other developing countries;
  • promote the labor market and social integration of immigrants and their descendants, and thereby their contribution to economic growth in Europe.

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